A Guide to Free runescape membership How I got free runescape membership

How to earn free Runescape Membership

How to get your free runescape membership on Points2Shop

You can find easy step-by-step guides on the right ("Free Rs Membership Card Guides") I have put together a collection of easy to use guide for to help you earn free runescape membership for as long as you want!

Points2shop is extremely easy to use and anyone can get started with the site without any problem. To help you earn as much as possible just begin by following this simple guide.

Log in to Points2Shop. And then go to "Earn Cash" section on the website. Here you can find all the offer and surveys on the website. I suggest you always do the Daily Tasks and Daily Surveys, they pay very good and you can easily make $3-4 within a few minutes. You can also watch videos to get a few easy points, these don't pay much but they're very easy to do.

If you want to complete a specific offer in the earnings section you should begin with click on the offer that you want to do, then click on button that says go to the offer. After you completed the offers requirements (these are different for each offer, just read the description for that offer) go back to Points2shop and mark it as complete.
Now you just wait until your offer get approves (sometimes offers take some time before they get approved, just wait and it will get approved sooner or later) Just keep doing offers on Points2Shop and skip those offers that you don't want to do, there's plenty of offers to choose from so you can skip those you don't feel like doing. And never do offers that requires you to buy anything, there's offers like that but just ignore them. And some download offers may be a bit weird, so I would stay away from downloads also, but that's just my personal preference when I do offers.

Another great way to earn on Points2Shop is posting your referral link that Points2shop gives you. You can tell friends on myspace, facebook, forums or inside Runescape. Get your friends to sign up for Points2Shop and you will earn $1/referral and more anytime your friend do a offer! Maybe it doesn't sounds like much, but it adds up really fast.
Also after you have joined Points2Shop there will be a forum filled with guides on how to recruit new members! Top earnings members share a lot of great ideas in the Points2shop forum!

And remember you can also see different kind of methods to earn your free runescape membership on Points2Shop/Cashle here on the website, I have made a collection of guides so that you can earn your runescape membership as fast and fun as possible!
Free Runescape Membership Guides section

Good Luck and see you in Runescape! :D

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  1. If you play Runescape…ADD MEE: ATTUDE4… If you didn’t play Runescape growing up, you didn’t have a childhood. Bye..

  2. Will check this out for sure. Thanks alot. This will help my new rs account to level up alot faster when i have membership. My old account got banned after I used a autominer, lol….never again will I use a bot. waste of time.

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